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BackBreaker Football

FINALLY we have an alternative to Madden NFL every year. I just picked this game up yesterday and in my mind it is a Madden killer. If they keep this up I will never buy another Madden game again. It uses the same euphoria engine used in GTA4 so the tackles and running are as realistic as it gets. No tackle looks the same. Before I go any further I will point out that Backbreaker does not use real NFL teams since EA bought the exclusive rights. it does not have all the bells and whistles Madden does. Now that’s out of the way so Ill move on to what makes this game great. First off the graphics are great. Also this is the closest to simulation football since NFL 2k5. Remember too this game was made in the UK by a relatively small company on there first try. Many people complained about the camera angle. I actually love it. Instead of the overhead God view of Madden it’s more of a players view. You wont rush for 800 yards per game like in Madden. It’s REALISTIC football. Like I said before it doesn’t have all the polish Madden does it doesn’t even have good announcers. It’s just raw football. Despite some of these flaws it’s amazing especially for the first try. The game is only’y 30 bucks new. So anyone on here that’s a fan of sport games I fully recommend you buy backbreaker. I can assure you it’s worth every dollar. Sorry for the short review I’ll add more to it once I play it some more and learn the game a bit better.

By DirtySanchez

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