Snuff Film - A Creative Screenplay by Habaner0

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I came up with this basic idea during work today (I was bored as fuck, and my mind Yeah, there are plot holes, no I don't care. It was fun to write. No I wouldn't make a snuff film...nor do I condone it. (I might watch it if you make one though)

Snuff Film - A Creative Screenplay by Habaner0

- Killer
- Kidnapped "average" American family. Young husband, wife, young (< 12, preferably female) child and dog. If the family has any kitty cats they should be given to adoption agencies because I like cats.

Excessive use of barbiturates recommended to keep subjects docile.
Film should also be silent. The soundtrack is the scratching of a turntable's needle after it has finished playing.

Scene 1

Camera pans across interior wall of a house. The father (hereby referred to as Victim #1) is tightly bound both hands and legs and is unable to move. He has a gag over his mouth but no blindfold, so he can witness what is about to happen to his family. The mother (hereby referred to as Victim#2) is bound spread-eagled on the wall, (wrists to ceiling and ankles to adjacent walls) naked. She is not gagged, so the viewer can appreciate her silent cries for help. The child (Victim#3) is naked, chained to a heavy iron block by a hind leg, as is the dog. The killer sits calmly in a chair facing them, wearing a generic S&M mask.

After panning across the helpless family, the camera stops. Starting with the child, identification (such as a passport) is held up to the camera, then the camera goes up close to the victim's face. This is to show that in fact everyone here is related and not random people, which is integral to the film's erotic plot.

Scene 2

Victim#3's tether is extended enough for him/her to reach Victim#2. It is made expressely clear in between Scenes 1 and 2 (off camera) that if the family does as ordered, they will be set free. If not, they will be killed, starting with Victim#3. To drive the point home, the killer sits calmly in his chair with a firearm plainly visible.

Victim#3 then initiates basic sexual contact with Victim#2, not going beyond foreplay, e.g. fingering, fondling of Victim#2's breasts, etc. This satisfies pedophilic incest fetishes. Camera should pan over to Victim#1 to see his reaction, and also closeups of 2 and 3 to see their reaction to forced incest.

Optional part of Scene 2 would be for 3 to go over to 1 and perform fellatio. However, based on how 1 is bound in this scene this may not be possible without modifying the screenplay.

Scene 2 fills the void of truly incestuous pedophilia.

Scene 3:

Continues to focus on Victim#3. This time, #1 and #2 get to watch while 3 slowly begins to fellate the dog. Either 3 is inexperienced or already a whore, either case makes for good entertainment. It is here why it is preferable that 3 be female, because if so and she is also a virgin, the camera will focus on her hymen and then get a delicious close-up of the dog's knob taking her virginity. Then it will pan out to a nice wide view of this young girl being violently shagged by a dog - a true definition of loss of innocence in every sense of the phrase. Of course, a girl isn't NEEDED - a dog can sodomize a young boy just as easily, maybe with the assistance of lube, but the point remains. It would be good to see how 1 and 2 react to this sight. After the sexual act is done, the killer, still sitting in his chair, shoots the dog. Precautionary measures and whatnot. He then drags the carcass into the middle of the room and severes the head with a nice, big knife. Then, using it as a sort of scoop, he hollows out some of the bloody bottom and fashions a sort of hat out of it. The severed dog head-hat is then placed comically on #3's head. It will fall off but this doesn't matter. It can stay wherever it falls for the time being.

Scene 3 satisfies the lack of bestial child porn on the market today.

Scene 4:

Having donned some rubber gloves and a gas mask over his S&M mask, perhaps with a frilly dress for comic effect, the killer walks into frame with two five gallon buckets. #3 is now bound by arms and ankles which are subsequently tied together, having seen the dog get shot it is unrealistic to expect the victims to do anything at this point in time. Killer takes a bucket and pours it over #3, it is now evident that what is in these buckets is in fact semi-liquid feces. The entire frame should be just #3 on the floor, so the viewer can truly appreciate the convulsing of #3 from the noxious odors and the utter degradation of being coated in feces.

Camera then pans out to show the remaining five gallon bucket. Victim#3 is then picked up by the ankles and dunked head first into the bucket for so many seconds, subject to artistic interpretation ;)

Upon mercy and release from the shit-bucket, the remaining contents are dumped out onto #3 and left to dry and cake.

Scene 4 satisfies shit fetishes with a dash of pedophilia ;)

Scene 5 (THE CLIMAX pun intended):

Scene picks up where 4 left off, on the crying, shit-coated Victim#3. Camera pans over to Victim#2, still bound to the wall. Killer takes his knife and slits open 2's stomach area and moves aside. Camera moves back to show #2's stomach gushing blood as she squirms in obvious pain. Camera stays zoomed out as killer takes a large, sharp machete and hacks off both of #2's legs at the hip, leaving her suspended in the air by her wrists. Like Mohammed's coffin - suspended between heaven and earth. It is highly probable that #2 will have passed out from shock at this point. Camera should then move to one extreme corner of the room, so as to overlook the entire scene: bound child coated in drying feces, unconscious, dying mother missing two limbs while the father watches in agony.

Killer then moves back into frame and expands the cuts on #2's stomach. He has the option to take his penis and have sex with her exposed, bloody vagina or penetrate her intestines from her stomach. Once he finishes, he takes his knife and rearranges #2's intestines, removing some (it doesn't really matter). Then, putting his gloves from earlier back on, he takes #3 and using a chair to properly level the two, shoves #3's head into #2's gaping stomach wound. It would probably best to load #3 with barbiturates to keep it still for the time being. He then has #3's puckered asshole facing him, to which he may do what he likes. Perhaps his machete inserted and twisted around, or some good old fashioned anal rape. Whatever he chooses, once he is done, the camera retreats to the extreme corner from earlier, showing the killer kneeling next to the father and smearing him with his wife and child's bodily fluids, as he casually pulls out the firearm he used to keep everyone in line at the beginning of the film and pulls the trigger. The father - victim#1, flinches and shudders in terror as the shots fire - but they are blank cartridges. His eyes widen as he realizes that there were never any real bullets in the gun. The killer pats victim#1 on the back, goes over towards the camera and victims 2 and 3, and slits both of their throats. The camera zooms in slightly to show the blood gurgling out of the gashes.

Scene 6:

Camera starts with a closeup of the carcasses of 2 and 3 lying in a corner, maggots crawling all over them (dumped by Killer in between 5 and 6). Camera spends time on this, then turns around to see Victim#1 bound on the floor, spread-eagled - one arm and one leg are chained to one wall, the other arm and other leg are chained to the opposite wall. His jaw is held open by a small yet strong piece of rope that draws taut for a distance before attaching to the floor. Camera pans over him, it is obvious he is trying to gurgle out a call for help but no one can hear him. Camera returns to proper angle to see the killer holding a small, thick jug of something that is glowing. It is molten lead. Camera pans out slightly to show victim #1's body as killer slowly pours the molten lead down #1's throat. He then takes the remainder and pours drops into #1's eyes, melting them. If #1 is not dead by this point, killer slits his throat and camera slowly focuses on #1's head and neck as the blood spurts out.

End film.


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