Lola, 24.

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My dearest Lola

I understand that you're one
of 20,000,000 singles
supposedly but

I felt you should know that
we people on the streets
real and lonely
we don't have perfect breasts
or expensive couches

we don't smile at our webcams
and pretend it's all okay.
We're most likely drunk
and misunderstood
watching your flash

manufactured by a
multimillion dollar ad company
to make us here feel
inadequate, intimidated
as your brown eyes pierce
our liquid crystal displays.

But dear lola

You should probably know
that even when we succumb
to the void of myspaces and facebooks and
all the inequities that entails

if we have laptops
we don't connect
USB webcams and
place them seven to ten
feet away, nor

do we get
perfect resolutions

or lives.


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