My trip to Deutschland.

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There aren't enough travel stories on here yet, so here's a repost of one of mine from earlier this year:

So, Ryan Air had a deal on for January and I could go to Lubeck, Germany for £20 return for the weekend. I've been there before and it's just lovely, so I thought: "I'll have some of that"... So I arrived at Stanstead airport, checked in, and had to deal with the usual stupid security guy. You know the one - the guy who just has to inflate his ego by wasting your time with his "security status":
"any creams liquids, etc in your bag there sir?"
"Nah, it's empty mate lol"
"Sir stand to the side.... I need to ask you, why are you travelling with an empty bag?"
"...because I can't put anything in a full one, can I?"
"Thank you, fine. Move along [/butthurt]"

Not much to talk about here. Walked around the stores, and sat around in the bars (at 5AM, such a novelty) drinking beer until it was time to get on the plane. I was pretty content. I love airports - the fact that in a few hours time you'll be somewhere else on the planet... it's just so exciting and refreshing. Call me simple Simon but I love every detail about it.

Again, nothing much exciting about the plane ride. I broke the rules and got up as we were about to take off because I needed a slash (Americans - Read: urination), and then we got an anouncement informing us we were going to Bremen, not Lubeck because of heavy snow. Exciting times.

Arrived in Bremen and had a beer, had a little walk around and then took a coach service to Lubeck. Took about two hours so I just had a little nap. Not much to do on coachs.

Finally arrived in Lubeck, dropped off at the airport at about 1PM. Lubeck was absolutely covered in snow:


So glad I wore boots.

Once I'd found out what time the bus into the town was, I stopped in this little bar/eatery that's opposite the airport for... CURRYWURST MIT BIER!


After eating and having a smoke indoors for the sheer sake of it (yeah, you can smoke indoors there. So amazing, you can't in England, it's illegal) I took the bus into the town. Once in town I got my bearings and had a nice stroll around in the snow, looking in stores and just generally soaking up the atmosphere. It's just so lovely to get away from stale England, and Lubeck is a beautiful place. Here are some pictures I took:


After spending a few hours soaking it up, it was time to go to this little place that sells ice creams and cocktails. I end up there all the time somehow when I'm in Lubeck, so I went there and got a Zombie (7.5 ounces of rums and fruit juices) and lit up a Cuban cigar I bought at the airport, and just sat relaxing, and watched the world go by.

Here are some pictures of me being a pretentious faggot with my cigar and cocktail:



After spending some time getting hammered there, I went around and bought some clothes in Mexx - we don't have it here anymore I think, and there was a sale. It was getting dark then so I thought about finding somewhere to stay before it got too late to book in. Being caught short in -8C wasn't exactly the best plan ever. I ended up popping into a hole-in-the-wall bar to ask if anyone knew somewhere cheap and nearby...

There was one fat guy who owned the place, and one drunken 80 year old man, who was dressed like a sailor. Neither of them spoke English, so I used the little German I knew and ordered a beer. As I finished up he gave me another one, I tried saying I didn't want one but then the crazy old guy piped up and it appeared he got it for me. I said danke and started drinking that and then what followed was something akin to lunacy/best luck ever...

...he and the bar owner kept buying me beers and whiskey, and rums! And I ended up staying for hours, drinking for free, trying to have conversations with them. I have to say, the more I had to drink the better I understood them, and the better they understood me! Or something like that.

After getting blitzed with Fritz, I left and stumbled into some Turkish eatery, and ordered.... something, it was lamb, and it was amazing. Best tzatziki I have ever had. Chatted to the guy behind the bar for a while about travelling and random things, told him not to come to England because it was rubbish, and then he looked up a place for me to stay, bought me a beer and walked me there after his shift. He gave me his facebook and said next time i come travelling for longer to let him know, and he'll get me some work potwashing so I can earn some money! Very hospitable people these Germans.

Not much to report after this, woke up with a hangover, got the bus to the airport, bought some gifts for people and some postcards, and then came back home.

All in all a good weekend. I highly recommend Lubeck to everyone.
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