Warning for DaGuru: Thread Derailment

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Post: Best Mod on Totse
User: DaGuru
Infraction: Thread Derailment
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Administrative Note:
Stop Derailing Threads

Message to User:
DaGuru this is an official warning, you're purposely trying to derail a thread. We have two reports against you already. It's advised that you take your bitching to the correct section.

Original Post:
DaGuru wrote: »
[x]Fanglekai...he was the only guy that had enough integrity to take a nice healthy shit on his modship, once he realized how being part of a corrupt staff clashed with his own integrity and value system.....and thusly didn't want to be lumped in with game players and immature morons.

What's funny is how Rodent claims to be "for" this website, but this thread is CLEARLY a controversial/polarizing poll. What's the point any how? So you all can stroke each other off after you analyze the results of the community pecking order? You'd think in this time of transition (or flavor-of-the-week whacky idea Dfg figured he would try next)....one would rather instill a spirit of unity and camraderie, not some dick waving popularity contest or even tip-toeing in the realm of any sense of exclusivity.

But hey....gorgeous summer day in northeast Ohio, dude just got remodded, he has Dfg stroking his genitals behind the scenes with such eagerness.....how could he possibly help satiating an ego as insecure as his while originating such pointless and ponderous threads with the "purpose"(?) of this one.

Rodent....you reported THIS post?????

The title of the thread is Best Mod on Totse....I give you an honest answer, and now your butthurt is trying to remove discussion despite you asking for it?????

ELL OH FUCKIN ELL @ this "new" Totse..... you want content, but then try to moderate content you don't agree with.


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    This is a custom warning. You will see an infraction added for derailment in few hours. I have been busy thinking of ways to counter some idiots who try every hard to take a dumb on totse and I think I might have a simple way to deal with them.

    I have tried the baby steps approach and it seems some users just don't listen. It's like dealing with a lizard which cuts out its tail and then runs back and tries to attach it again, only to cut it off at the last moment.
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