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one which has no title

a holy story to fixate on things
in foiled glory, the axeman arm swings
Didn't know it to reign in the truth
but a king who doesn't give it all back to the people
is cruel
and says a lot about the
to give back to being full
live maps like being couth
it's all true, in what the aims of these men do
save mental

Enter back stabbing your best friend, live life that's hard to begin
I know beginning and end, I'm kind of like that

Cancer's stemming the proud, and sensation to bow
brings it close to the knees, where death can't fight back

Hold onto lasting and sense, before the fasting is in
allow the last ones to give, first of the fallen

Live like the righteous and meek, give all life back to the street
give our senses mystique, so I can find them

give the last ones a lot of what's said
so when the past come I children can find bread

Give the chance for redemption in truth
although betrayed, time to begin once again might be too soon
too late, look at the paths that they ruin
I have great, aim to assess incessent doom

upholding standards of ruthlessness entity
I seen the blind man come before the masses free
I know the truth only come unto those who bear
but don't know how to dissapate into this like I clearing air

I do not know all the past for what the Father said
and I do not know glory at last, until I'm bothering
to be more following the simple virtue in truth,
zion and creation that is conquering the youth

pardon fates for what awaits the changes in the second class
wanna be shouting forgiveness, every I is free at last
the shafts of power rise and tho errupting thoughtlessly with cries
the wise crowds bow to rounds of rice errupting from the column's vice

not sure about the last 4 lines right now. Thoughts?
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