Warning for DaGuru: Derailing Topic

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Post: Letters to Frost Byte
User: DaGuru
Infraction: Derailing Topic
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Administrative Note:
De-railing topic

Message to User:
DaGuru this is your second warning for the same thing, if you can't keep your anger issue in control might I suggest B&M. We're tired of your repetitive antics. Man up now or use B&M.

Original Post:
Dfg wrote: »
Will you stop turning every thread into a bitch fest. He asked Spectral not your stupid commentary. Stick to the topic.

We should send him letter, we can have a write something for byte thread in which everyone and write things and someone can mail them to him on community behalf.

Go fuck yourself Dfg.....this is the first thread I've posted on in days that didn't have either Spectral or my name in the title. (the threads initiated by YOUR staff members).

Again, you are trying to paint a bogus picture as if I'm tainting "oh so many threads"......when this is the first non bullshit/drama thread I've entered for quite some time.

My apologies for soiling this thread and its topic, I'll leave well enough alone for now. Sorry your staff can't handle having a mirror put up in front of them, whether collectively as a group or if its just their own individual integrity.
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