You might want to block this fucker

dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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As there were 209 users online, I thought I would have a look at 'users online'. Baidu Spider (a chinese indexing bot) appeared numerouse times. Now, bots indexing things is no bad things, however, being that:

1. Totse is probably banned in China
2. Its probably ripping images and content that will bring in low to 0 traffic - being as totse is probably banned in PRC, why let it index shit, let alone content rob (which it is known to do)?
3. Its probably responsible for eating bandwidth - a shit load of bandwidth. Some web site operators have said in some months is has eaten all BW allowence very quickly

Now, that is three probably's, but I am probably correct.

On top of that, letting it do such shit is helping China to dominate and so potential subvert the internets.


Or modify robots.txt or block its IP ranges.


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