Permanently deleting your Facebook? Pretend to be dead.

edited November 2011 in Tech & Games
Sure, if you want to permanently remove your Facebook account you can do it quite easily providing you've got the correct page up on your screen, otherwise you'll find yourself merely "deactivating" the account for a temporary amount of time. Something which I noticed recently following the death of Georgia Varley is that Facebook actually remove your account if you're dead, which got me thinking.

Why not go out in style? Contact Facebook and notify them that your "son/daughter" has passed away following some kind of accident, and request for the account to be deleted. Want to troll your friends who are on holiday and not able to access Facebook for a good amount of time? Contact Facebook and tell them that THEY are dead, while getting a few people (or fake accounts) to post RIP messages all over the wall.

What I also thought about is the way in which they delete the accounts of the dead. I wonder if they're more thoroughly removed in comparison to accounts which have simply been requested for deletion... Hmm.


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