How to generate UVC light?

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So I want to generate obscene amounts of UVC(about 260nm) lightwaves, in order to rapidly sterilize areas. Im talking like, when you turn this array on, you want to be wearing a welding hood and a lead shield over your groin(possibly a welding hood over your head too) It seems all these consumer air purifier things are anemic, overpriced, and fucking stupid. I want the light to have direct contact with surfaces, so an enclosed air intake with a UVC bulb isn't really an option.

UVC bulbs are available for fairly cheap, though I don't know what kind of fixture or power supply to use for them.

For example:

You know how a green laser is actually an IR laser with a filter to turn it green? Or how fluorescent bulbs are actually producing UV light that fluoresce another material in producing a visible wavelength? Is it possible to do the opposite to an ordinary bulb? Say for example, a high output halogen, heatlamp, or even an array of high-output CFL bulbs?

Then there is the LED option..But Im not really sure how many would be required, nor how to calculate it.


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