Protip: Multiple Gmail Addresses Under One Account

fagfag Regular
edited November 2011 in Tech & Games
Did you know you can have multiple variants of your same gmail address that all go to the same inbox?

Method 1:
Say your email is [email protected]. You can also utilize the suffix "".

Say you want to register an account on some site, but it wont let you based on the fact that it's a gmail account. The googlemail prefix will often bypass this.

Method 2:
You can add a + sign between your username and the @. For example, [email protected] can become [email protected], or [email protected].

These are particularly useful in filtering out spam, or to help you sort your mail out if you use it for varying purposes. You can even combine this with a forwarding account, to make sure unwanted mail never even gets forwarded to your main inbox. Oftentimes, when I place an online order, I will use this method. Say for example I buy from, I can use [email protected]. That way, I will also know if that particular company sold out my information. I'll do that with my name, sometimes, even. Use an alternate spelling, or false name altogether.



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