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Well I haven't been posting as many guides as I would like due to work and IRL bullshit. In the spare time I have had I have finished assembling the 12 volt regulated power supply I was in the middle of building a few months back, Built a control panel for the phase converter, added some lighting above my desk and got a 55 gallon barrel for burning waste as well as fixing the shortwave antenna that had a corroded support and cleaning the house for summer.

I am still looking for some nice looking timber to build the chassis for the tube amp I built 6 months ago. At the moment it is still fixed to the breadboard that came with it so that is still work in process. I want to get a shortwave transmitter when I have the cash and since the government has increased the power limit from 500 watts to 1kW, Totse radio will have a much larger coverage area than spazz had when he was running it at 100 watts (I wonder what ever happened to him).



The 12 volt supply is regulated and is able to provide 3 amps maximum (regulator limit) I built it into a pine box I had built for it.


The lights I added above my desk. I should have painted the timber mount the same colour as the wall as I still have the leftover paint from when I repainted this place. Maybe some other day.


The phase converter control panel. There is one button to control the contactor which switches the mains input plus the 3 phase output. I added a couple of indicator LEDs wired in series with a couple 27k resistors so I could run them on 230 volts. They show mains availability and output availability. I found a start capacitor so I don't need a drill to spin it up to speed any more.


The tube amp which I need to build a chassis for. I have added a standby switch to control the HT to the tubes and a main power switch to control the mains input to the transformer. I want to make it so that the chassis and controls fit the tube era rather than the modern era. That means metal toggle switches and neon indicators rather than plastic switches and LED indicators. It should look good when it is finally done.


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    As you may have seen in one of my threads, I also attempted a tube amp and cab build.
    Here are pics of my chassis.
    Hope it gives you some sort of inspiration.
    Just used pine, red oak stain, and some gold/black paint.


    By the way, what did you build the transformer for?
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    look through Guitar forums for knobs etc. people still make tube amps and most are made with from the era kind of styling

    Great work Dak, its always been a dream of mine to run a pirate radio station!
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    By the way, what did you build the transformer for?

    I have some radio equipment that prefers regulated DC rather than unregulated. With the regulator it prevents any mains hum from entering the receiver plus prevents the transformer from burning out if its overloaded or shorted. It will simply shut down or reduce output.
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