Radio Totse

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I have made the decision to start a Totse themed broadcast. It will start mid February on 107.9 FM locally and on the shortwave band covering the pacific and part of the US depending on the time of day and weather conditions but shortwave can cover the globe if the conditions are right. At the moment I am looking at a modified Icom 718 HF transceiver (Link) for a shortwave transmitter and am in the middle of sourcing a FM amplifier for our FM transmitter.

I may start an internet based station to supplement the shortwave and FM broadcasts or otherwise I will upload the shows to dropbox or other such place. I will record the show before transmission as im not keen to transmit from my property in case someone comes looking for the station while I am transmitting plus it makes it harder to be found and any issues can be fixed rather than having a major fuck up on a live broadcast. Chances are I will make it portable and drive out into the middle of nowhere to do the shortwave broadcast and do the FM broadcast in town.

My Ideas for show content is non stop music and discussion of any topic of your choosing which can be arranged on Teamspeak. Basically I would like to use it to attract interesting people to the site and pirate radio is a good place to do so IMO. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the broadcast let me know.



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