Google vs Microsoft, A Fight of Statements & Videos

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Originally intended this to be a long ass article discussing about various details what not, but I will keep this simple. I don't have anything against Google and I don't hate MS either, both are doing what they can in order to capture the market and earn money, they may have some PR stunts for human welfare but in the end it's all about money and having a bigger share. No one really gives a rat ass about privacy, this is the Internet, if you're using one of the services you're exposed anyway. The only way forward is to wear a fake cloak or use a fake identity and go on living or fully trust the system and prepare for whatever is ahead, personally I like to think that everything is being checked or at least looked into, nothing hidden anymore, the Internet is way to complex and there are many hidden loopholes that can be used. History pretty much shows it.

So, trust yourself and be on your guard but in the mean time, watch and read this:

^MS taking a jab at Google new all in one Privacy policy,
*Update: The FairSearch ad referenced below as myth #1 was pulled because it was inaccurate.

A number of myths are being spread about Google’s approach to privacy. We just wanted to give you the facts.
  • Myth: Microsoft’s approach to privacy is better than Google’s. URL=""]Microsoft[/URL
  • Fact: We don’t make judgments about other people’s policies or controls. But our industry-leading Privacy Dashboard, Ads Preferences Manager and data liberation efforts enable you to understand and control the information we collect and how we use it—and we’ve simplified our privacy policy to make it easier to understand. Microsoft has no data liberation effort or Dashboard-like hub for users. Their privacy policy states that “information collected through one Microsoft service may be combined with information obtained through other Microsoft services.”
We’ve always believed the facts should inform our marketing—and that it’s best to focus on our users rather than negative attacks on other companies. Onwards!

Google confronting the myths. I was expecting a video but this would do for now.


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    What I hate about these Ad/videos is that they are targeted at idiots! Im offended when I see ads like this because its like they think im stupid!

    Elections are the worst for this shit.
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