Drink pruno!

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So it was 2 weeks in the making. 6 oranges mushed up, a bunch of sugar, and some water. Basically, throw it together and wait. However, it didn't take off well (just sitting there) so I put some orange peel in as yeast has a tendency to be on the outside of fruit.

Next time I come check on it, the bottle it's in is ready to explode and the tube running off of it to keep air from getting in (fuck you I'm not in prison I don't need to follow the traditional recipe) was all clogged up. So I opened it up and OARNGE MUSH just went everywhere. Boom. Well, I guess if fermentation makes bread rise I should've known it will make soggy orange mush rise too. The stuff seemed to soak up all the water! So I filtered it, threw out the mush and put the liquid back. Very syrupy and it looks like cum. Yuck. Suprisingly it didn't have much of a smel. Oh yeah, and did I tell you get really blew up? It went on my walls and blinds and shirt and kept bubbling up from the bottle. Wish I could snap a pic but I was too busy cleaning it up.

Now with the liquid back in I added some water to fill up where the mush was gone (and make it less syrupy) and put a proper airlock on it. And I let it sit for another week. After a week of bubble.... bubble.. bubble...... It's finally done.

So I drank some of it. and will put a picture up. It's not all that bad probably becasuer I didn't make it in a plastic bag and filter it with a sweat sock.

I recomment you try it it's a great science project.

edit: It had a little taste in the back of my mouth like you feel before you gag but it didn't make me gag just sort of uncomfortable so I didn't hink it would be worth mentioning. And there wasn't any yeast in the bottom of the thing I was suprised.. probably all suspended by the sliminess of it

edit: this stuff definitely works!!
Here's the pic I promised:


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