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The other night my mates and I went out to hit the town, My mate and i jumped into his girlfriends car because she was going to pick up her friends. Now she picks up this sexy little thing, tall, long legs, great tits and green hair haha. I took one look at her and decided to single her out from the heard.
When we got back to my mates pad the women when go do their hair and make up, talk shit whatever. My mate and I started on the beers, we were on to our third each and the ladies come back into the living room. At this point we were all beginning to get a bit silly and this continued for the next few hours, Its Good friday and the club weren't opening till 12am haha. i used this to my advantage and began to chat to the women, crack jokes make small talk etc. they had some bloody beautiful green shit, I don't usually like lolly pop drinks, but I made an exception. Then I began mildly flirting with the girl I picked out earlier and we were getting on well for two people that just met each other.

Okay I will stop boring you..

Got to the clubs, began talking more Bla bla bla.

got on the dance floor and got my drunken dance on with two of the girl. then One left me and the hotty I singled out and we danced some more, began getting more physical ( touching, grinding, you know )

Then we joined the group again and she asked if I was coming back to town tomorrow night. It was 3am and i had a nine hour shift at work at 10am that morning, but i said yes anyway. so she gives me her phone and asks for my number. i typed it in, she texts me so I have hers. I gave her a hug and went o peck her on the check and she makes her lips connect with mine, She then leaves.

fast forward the next night.

This is why I need advice.

I txt her asking what she was up to, and she didn't reply? It kinda bugged me why I would get all these good signals then get ignored. I know its a bit silly to get hung up on her but I just think its odd.

what should I do.

: drop it
:txt her again


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