Which File Syncing Service to Use?

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I was going through Dropbox forums, apparently they plan to drop the public folder methods for the new users but the old users are safe for now. I have 9 GB of files on there and I don't want all my links to become invalid for no good reason. So, I have started using other services. Currently I am using 4Sync and Google Drive. There is a service called SugarSync that I am willing to give a shot as well.

You can read about it here.

Yes, I know Google monitors your data but if it's for the CDN then it's NOT a big deal, plus Google Drive is cheaper than Dropbox. I am not planning to leave Dropbox but it's best to keep an eye on future.

I am also clearing my Firefox tabs, so expected some unfinished threads.


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    Shit changes so fast I can't keep up with it "DROP BOX" The Cloud" and shit who would have ever thought 10 years ago this shit was going too happen.
    Your talking GIGS for back up I remmber when everything was like 1GIG topps!!
    DFG, look at it this way in ten years from now its going to be so far and away from what you are dealing with now you will not be able to compare the two.
    and I really hpoe its for the better,when everything is better.
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    Thanks for the heads-up :) not too worried at the moment but the alternatives you listed are good. Despite having an Android phone (and it being hacked, with no link to Google except having a Gmail account from 5 odd years ago) I will look into the other ones listed :thumbsup:

    As for me, I have 2.5GB as I had a mass deletion of old files. Been spring cleaning my C:\

    As for "better", that's quite a subjective term. I think the Internet is better today as opposed to 5 years ago as it is quicker with more interactive and immersive content - but that comes with the price of increased surveillance etc.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    wuala http://www.wuala.com/
    spideroak https://spideroak.com/

    Microsoft's LiveMesh is worth a shot as well

    and of course there's my favorite, roll your own with rsync http://www.hackengineer.com/roll-your-own-2tb-dropbox/
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    As a result of this thread I am now giving Google Drive a look see. I mean WTF, a free 5gb of offsite storage...

    ...and another 5gb free with SugarStink... supposed to get some exta storage for sharing a public link or some shit so...

  • DfgDfg Admin
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    ^Hahha, Storage whore.

    Installed Google Drive, works like a charm.

    I have 60GB storage on Dropbox, 5 GB on GD and 5GB on Sugar. Isn't that nice.

    Oh and thanks for the rolling your own Dropbox Slarti, going to try that.
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