Plundering Your Way into Someone Else Photobucket

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I took this guide from Reddit. I am not going to credit this source due to some personal reasons. But here is the guide.
First off, if you plan to monitor different girls for future uploads, you're going to need some software. The software on the right is decent, and RSS feeds are decent as well, but the best tool I've come across so far is called PB Feed Ripper. You can find this tool here: [1]
It hasn't been updated in a couple of years, but it works perfectly. It also splits up all of the images that it downloads into a folder named after the user from Photobucket, so it's easy to keep track of your images.
The next thing you're going to need to do is scour through Photobucket's recent images section until you find something good. You can access that by going to [2]
The way I do it is I middle-click the "Refresh to View More" at the top right side of the images and open about 10-15 new tabs of refreshed recent images. The reason I only scour recent images in this way instead of going through every single hot girl I find on that one page is because basically, if you get a nude in the recent section, there's a better chance that you'll be able to get more nudes before TOS has had a chance to take them down. If you scour old pictures from girls, chances are the TOS has already taken them down and you'll get the dreaded "This image violates our terms of service" image.
Once you've found a girl you'd like to check out, open up her images and begin to scan through them. I like to keep myself within a few guidelines so that I don't waste any time on potentially dud albums, such as:
  1. Obviously over 18 years of age
  2. The picture is a self-shot picture (mirror or obviously from the phone)
  3. The girl is easily an 8 on a scale of 1-10
If the image of the girl meets ALL THREE of those criteria, I open up their album and scour through their images. If I open the user up and she has 1k+ uploads, I don't even bother. I probably miss a lot of good finds, but I don't feel like continuously scrolling down the page. My eyes start crossing. Also, if the album has any sort of styling on it that makes the pictures hard to see, I also skip it.
One thing to keep in mind....It might make you feel a little homo, but if you find a picture of a dude's dick in the recent section, don't simply pass it up. Most of the time, if a dude has taken the time to actually upload a picture of his cock, chances are he's uploading pictures that females are sending him as well. I'll open those up and scour through those images as well, obviously trying my best to ignore the dick-pics.
Once you find something that produces win, or you THINK could produce some win in the future (a good hint of producing win in the future would be finding the "This image has been removed due to TOS" image in their album). That means they've obviously uploaded some dirty pics in the past that have been deleted before. That's okay. That just means you can then right-click the "Feed for all user's content" at the bottom and copy the link.
Take the link that you copied and in PB Feed Ripper 1.4.1, click Add Feed and then paste the feed URL in the box that pops up. I found this program to be VERY light-weight on my system, and it also works on a scheduled basis, which downloads at short intervals throughout the day.
Once your PB Feed Ripper app has started downloading the goods, go into the folder that it shows in your Settings tab and look over all of your goodies. If it's an album you'd like to share with everyone, head over to and sign up for a free account. Create a new album with the album name being the same as the user name and then upload all of the goodies. Then, come back to Reddit, share the link with us, and bask in all the goodies everyone else has found! :)
I hope this helps some newer folks that don't quite know how to plunder efficiently. With this method, I've found about 200 different feeds to monitor within the last couple of days, and will continue uploading and sharing as new things become available.
Also, if you happen to check out any of my Imgur albums, if it's a person you're interested in checking back up on, just bookmark my album URL. If I already have an album here on Reddit for the user, I will upload all new content that I find as I monitor them to that one album. I don't plan to create different albums for the same user.

I am using this software and it works like a charm. Problem is finding the right picture. On twitter you do see Photobucket links but not the album links. Still it's a good way to get what you want.
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