Exclude TOR nodes by Country

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I used to hate connecting to TOR nodes in my home Country and the USA because of privacy issues. After a few Google searches, I found the answer.

If you go into your TOR config file (usually found at C:\Program Files\Tor) with a default install, or wherever you chose.

Locate your "torrc" file, and make sure it has read and write properties enabled. If not, then after installing TOR, install it to an external hard drive and edit the "torrc" file, copying it over the one on your C:\ drive, or wherever your one is that you use.

Ok so once you can save changes to this file, add this line to the bottom of it to exclude the USA and UK from your node connections.
ExcludeNodes {GB}, {US}

These are the Country codes, too in case you want to add more
{AD},{AE},{AF},{AG},{AI},{AL},{AM},{AN},{AO},{AQ}, {AR},{AS},{AT},{AU},{AW},{AZ},{BA},{BB},{BD},{BE}, {BF},{BG},{BH},{BI},{BJ},{BM},{BN},{BO},{BR},{BS}, {BT},{BU},{BV},{BW},{BY},{BZ},{CA},{CC},{CF},{CG}, {CH},{CI},{CK},{CL},{CM},{CN},{CO},{CR},{CS},{CU}, {CV},{CX},{CY},{CZ},{DD},{DE},{DJ},{DK},{DM},{DO}, {DZ},{EC},{EE},{EG},{EH},{ER},{ES},{ET},{FI},{FJ}, {FK},{FM},{FO},{FR},{FX},{GA},{GD},{GE},{GF}, {GH},{GI},{GL},{GM},{GN},{GP},{GQ},{GR},{GS},{GT}, {GU},{GW},{GY},{HK},{HM},{HN},{HR},{HT},{HU},{ID}, {IE},{IL},{IN},{IO},{IQ},{IR},{IS},{IT},{JM},{JO}, {JP},{KE},{KG},{KH},{KI},{KM},{KN},{KP},{KR},{KW}, {KY},{KZ},{LA},{LB},{LC},{LI},{LK},{LR},{LS},{LT}, {LU},{LV},{LY},{MA},{MC},{MD},{MG},{MH},{ML},{MM}, {MN},{MO},{MP},{MQ},{MR},{MS},{MT},{MU},{MV},{MW}, {MX},{MY},{MZ},{NA},{NC},{NE},{NF},{NG},{NI},{NL}, {NO},{NP},{NR},{NT},{NU},{NZ},{OM},{PA},{PE},{PF}, {PG},{PH},{PK},{PL},{PM},{PN},{PR},{PT},{PW},{PY}, {QA},{RE},{RO},{RU},{RW},{SA},{SB},{SC},{SD},{SE}, {SG},{SH},{SI},{SJ},{SK},{SL},{SM},{SN},{SO},{SR}, {ST},{SU},{SV},{SY},{SZ},{TC},{TD},{TF},{TG},{TH}, {TJ},{TK},{TM},{TN},{TO},{TP},{TR},{TT},{TV},{TW}, {TZ},{UA},{UG},{UM},{UY},{UZ},{VA},{VC},{VE},{VG}, {VI},{VN},{VU},{WF},{WS},{YD},{YE},{YT},{YU},{ZA}, {ZM},{ZR},{ZW},{ZZ}

Just make sure you know the Country code. Not too hard to find out, it's just the abbreviation for said Nation.


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    On top of doing this, you should also manually select your entry and exit nodes to ensure that you're connecting to exactly the right places :thumbsup: It can be frustrating when you first set up TOR to find that when you check your connection route, it involves a load of nodes in your home country :mad:
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    Yeah I used to have about 10 different nodes as entry ones, usually in shitty countries where nobody would check a computer. Speed was sacrificed somewhat, but privacy increased, then I bounced to Japan and exited in somewhere like Sweden or mainland Europe.
    I like to make sure things are completely anonymous now by not having an entry/exitnodes list in the torrc file, but tonight may be dedicated to that. The 30 minutes or so researching nodes is worth the privacy, especially as I browse here via TOR.
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