iKAT (Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool) - 2012 Beating Heart Edition Released

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One of my all-time favorite hacking tools is the Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool, iKAT for short. Over the past few years it has matured incredibly, offering a new interface (designed by Melanie Wilke and plenty of new features for popping those kiosks. Kiosk hacking is something I take a great interest in and you may have even read my guide entitled "How to hack a kiosk" at some point in the past which covers some basic kiosk-hacking methods, even linking to the iKAT tool at the bottom of the guide. This year saw the release of the NEW iKAT interface, which can be found on the iKat website. Paul Craig, the creator of iKAT had the following to say about his new release (taken from Seclists.org;
It is with great pleasure that i would like to release this years edition of iKAT - The Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool. http://ikat.ha.cked.net

*.ha.cked.net to bypass pesky blacklist filters ( also available on https )

Over the last 5 years iKAT has grown in popularity and is now the de-facto standard for conducting penetration tests against 'controlled' browser environments such as Citrix Terminals, Kiosks, WebTV's and even In flight Entertainment systems. iKAT is visited by over 100 confirmed Kiosks or Citrix environments per-day and is currently spawning on average 3 system shells per hour.

iKAT is a 100% free SaaS website that you can visit from any browser environment. iKAT will attempt to exploit the browser and spawn a local shell for you. This years version has had a major re-work on both the design/layout and the underlying technology and aims to provide the smoothest, fruitful experience yet. I do hope you all enjoy the sleepless nights and hard work that has been invested into iKAT 2012.

iKAT 2012 will be officially released + Demo'd at XCON 2012 in Beijing China next week.

It's needless to say that if you like hacking kiosks, you NEED to check out this amazing tool (the link is below)!


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