Lava vs Ice

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Syracuse Lava Project
On January 22, 2011, the fifth lava pour took place using the #700 gas fired tilt furnace operated by the SU Sculpture Program. This 610lb pour was the most successful to date in terms of material consistency, volume, duration of pour, viscosity, duration of flow, structure of flow, etc. The lava was poured on to a 6” thick block of ice measuring 3.5’ by 10’. This pour was conducted for Prof. Ben Edwards, Dickinson College Earth Sciences Department. Prof. Edwards is a specialist in the area of lava and ice interaction.
On February 12, 2011, Pour No. 6 will take place on a large block of ice and through a series of ice tunnels. The SU Lava Project is a joint research venture between SU Earth Sciences and SU Sculpture. For further information please contact Prof. Robert Wysocki, SU Sculpture at [email protected] or Dr. Jeffrey Karson, SU Earth Sciences at [email protected]
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I am actually interested in the end result and lave bubbles and the furnace.


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