Acer Aspire E1 - 571 Short Review

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I bought this machine for 52,000 rupees. The Specs I paid for were different than what I got, this did really piss me off, mostly because this Laptop doesn't have USB 3.0and Bluetooth. I mean gimme a break, what kind of fucking Laptop doesn't have that! but other than that, I really enjoy this Laptop. It uses an i5 2515E Processor, although in the stickers it says it's 2450M. It's a dual core processor with HT enabled. It has the Enterprise type specs which enables me to use some really decent software's on it. Although it doesn't have a dedicated GPU it still uses HD 3000 which is more than enough for Video and audio

The screen size is decent enough but it takes time to get used to it. One thing for sure i wouldn't buy this Laptop for myself mainly because it doesn't fall in my work related category but its still good enough for Adobe CS 6 suite.

Overall, it' quite impressive.

Okay about my fucking due Laptop, the money would be wired tomorrow, it will take 7 days for it reach to me and on top of that my University will start on Oct 1 2012. I am already pressed for time and the Laptop I am using right now, I would have access to it because my DAD will be taking it for 10 days.

Del XPS L502x was the model I selected, it's expensive but the FULL HD 1080p screen is worth the investment IMO, especially since I am working on this screen, I can see value in a higher resolution. On top of that, Acer 5755G is outdated and hard to find, if I couldn't get Dell XPS with FULL HD screen, I will save money and go for the Acer model.

More on the E1 - 571, the battery life is decent, i didn't expect miracles but it doesn't die down quickly. I get 3 hours out of this thing. It's not that warm and the viewing angles aren't that bad. I just wish Acer would invest more in quality screens because the hardware is quite formidable.

I should try to get Ivy Bridge Laptops but honestly they're fucking expensive and after waiting for months, I am just tired of it. The prices aren't dropping and I am trying to find a fucking needle in a shitstorm of retarded Laptops. Keep in in wrote this post while using Teamviewer on my Laptop and the text is fucking tiny.

6-8 points I think.


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