Looking to buy a DSLR for Video?

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Look no further, well not really. Apparently I was thinking of buying one myself. I narrowed down my choices to Nikon and Sony and then to Nikon 5100D.

The thing about DSLR is that it's personal to most people you can't gauge it correctly. I have read a lot of unwanted reviews, sorted through buckets of comparison for an Entry-level DSLR and I came to the conclusion that there may or may not be a GOD... what I am saying is; it's really hard to make the choice!

For video you really have three choices;
  • Canon 550D or 650D (T3/4 Rebel series) / 60D/7D
  • Nikon 5100D-5200D or 3200D.
  • Sony A57/67/A77

They're quite good when it comes to video, they should a fine job of making things work BUT price is a bit question here and the lens purchase is another question. Most people do recommend Sony due to it's extended video recording selection when it comes to frame rate and it's amazing auto focusing feature which is a big help, however it does lack when it comes to taking pictures in low light in some cases.

Nikon and Canon are solid performers but Nikon 5100D is a solid all rounded a bit old tech but still it's cheap and quite powerful. However when it comes to video control the T4 Rebel packs some loving features.

Ultimately I decided to hold off, I decided not to risk it. And wait for the prices to either drop or for me to better gauge which path I should take. According to @ryan_connolly any canon that's in your price range would work.

and that's why I decided to back off. For you're looking to buy something, hit the display centers, do extensive testing by holding and taking pictures. If you have a memory card I would suggest using while you're testing the camera and taking pictures using the same ISO settings, just to get an idea. Really worth the effort when it comes to video.

Also, you need to keep in mind that if you intend to go semi-pro or full frame, it's better a pick a brand that can handle your current lenses and be compatible with it.

In short, testing, research and patience. Don't over spent it, just build yourself and then go big.

EDIT: I am in Pakistan, it's a lot harder for me to get good things when it comes to electronics and they're generally more expensive than what an American would have to pay.


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