Triple Display Setup! [Quad as well]

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This is coming from a guy that literally got pwned by not doing his research. I have AMD 6790 GPU and it does support up to 5 monitors. I assumed since it had 2 DVI + 1 HDMI + Display Port that it would be easy to get things going. I thought I would hook up my monitor via DVI and add the third via HDMI.

That was the plan, I got ahead and bought an Asus VE278H 27" HD display and I already had 2x Dell ST2023L 23" HD displays. IMO these are the best displays in Pakistan and especially considering the price range, they're optimal if not amazing. I hooked up my beloved display via HDMI, booted the system and only two displays powered on and I thought maybe its the Windows Configuration. Windows boots up, I login and boom it hangs up. I tried two times to remedy did, tried Windows Safe mode and it didn't work.

Then logic took control and I simply disconnected one of the displays, bang it worked. Windows was running fine, it didn't show me any error messages. So, I Googled things and quickly my joy went away. It was bad enough when I opened the panel I found one dead/stuck pixel, it's more fucking bad that I can't use it.

Stuck/Dead Pixel: The story about this that when I opened the display in shop I closely inspected each area to find any defects, I spotted one pixel and notified that guy and I knew that I can't replace the screen but I told him to look into it. When I came back during my testing of the panels and colors it went away. So, it was just one stuck pixel due to transportation. And now the display is 100% awesome, before it was 99.9%. I am content and the guy is happy as well. I only buy big stuff from him, we both have a good working relationship in that regard, he never cheats me, gives me good rates and advices me on things and in return I help him out from time to time.

Back to the display. I checked AMD and other threads and IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK THREE DISPLAYS WITHOUT AN ACTIVE DISPLAY PORT! That was the summary of all my research. And I am like FUCK ME, Display port! that's fucking expensive and I haven't seen one at least here. I told my IT guy and he will look it up tomorrow, basically you need an active Display port to HDMI/DVI/VGA converter. The active has a converter that changes the signal. DVI and HDMI in AMD GPU are basically tied to one port or section etc. So, only one can be used at a time which sucks to be honest.

Now I had the three displays I couldn't just let it go. I have my Laptop with me HP Dv6 7036tx amazing piece machine, runs hot like a motherfucker but it still quite capable. I hooked my Dell screen via VGA (It does have HDMI but I didn't have any HDMI cable) and used it as a secondary monitor. In the screen settings I disabled my built-in Display and switched to the main one. Now, I have three displays running and they way they're setup, it's total fucking immersion. I will take pictures for you guys later.

[Side note: Both Dell offer, VGA, DVI, HDMI and can switch between different inputs automatically and Asus have TWO HDMI ports and one VGA and stereo speakers (which I am using for normal music etc)]

What to do with the third display, obviously I couldn't connect it to my main system, I wanted some way in which I use the other system. I Googled around a bit and I have two solutions:
1) Use Maxivista; it's a software that setups a virtual driver that allows me to through windows on to the second display and use it as if they're connected to my main system. Great software but it's paid.
2) Use Synergy, a time tested software KVM.
3) Use Microsoft Mouse without Border...

I went with option 3, since it's Microsoft and supports Windows 7 and it's free. The setup was easy, the tweaking part was hard. In end my mouse and keyboard were usable in all three screens. I can easily move and copy things over and I prefer this solution more than using Maxivista, since I have an independent system setup that I can offload tasks such as Music, videos or tutorials or playing Facebook games :p but mostly importantly I can use that display for reference and checking mails.

However, when I do get my Display Port cable, I will simply use my Laptop built-in screen. The reason is simple, I want to control my Laptop without having to switch back and forth. When that happens I would be using a Quad Display system :D of course you can use Maxivista for that part but I just want the KVM feature.

So, I suggest giving the KVM option a try, it's awesome if used correctly. For now, I am happy, I don't play games and I am happy to announce that I can play games with a decent frame rate on one monitor. I don't want to use Eye-finity. I use Ultramon to replicate Eyefinity like features yet have each display run as independent. This helps when you're using PowerDVD.

Also, it does improve my productivity, my neck hurts a bit and I can read the text with ease and watching porn on the 27" is a blast. I mean it's feels like you're right up close to it. It's awesome.


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