Implmenting Gawker Burner Commenting System on Wordpress & VBulletin

DfgDfg Admin
edited March 2013 in Tech & Games
Hopefully like minded people would be looking for something like this, I decided to create a thread in advance. In April 2012, revealed an Anonymous commenting system which is called BURNER, currently on our main page we use disqus and on VB we don't use anything at all. I want to make the process of commenting and posting easier on the forums for real users, there is a catch here but hey hopefully it will work. What I am looking for a system that users Gawker idea or basically I want a complete clone if possible.

Now if you're here this means you couldn't find something like that and are hoping this thread will give you the required information. Unfortunately for you, this isn't possible at this time. However I am looking up this information and once I find it, you will find it in this thread, in the mean time if you know more than me, post in this thread and help out.
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