Power Down Light Installation Considerations

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  One using the current:
  (1) As the LED slightly as the voltage characteristics of the current increases rapidly.
  (2) excessive currents can cause burning or brightness LED light attenuation.
  (3) should be added in the use of a resistor in series with the LED lights, play a limiting role.
  (4) LED should work under the same current conditions, general recommendations on the LED current of 15-19mA.
  Two. Brightness testing and product use:
  (A) testing and the use of LED, you must provide the same current to each LED is constant testing, in order to ensure uniform brightness detected, the current should not exceed 20mA, best to use the 15-19mA of current.Power Down Light
  (2) Use spectrophotocolorimeter products, press BIN classified using the order number, can not be mixed with different LED BIN number in the same product, in order to avoid the color, brightness, voltage differences. If you want to use mixed BIN numbers adjacent BIN number can be put together, but try to avoid.
  Three. Antistatic Precautions
  (1) all touch LED equipment and instruments must be well grounded, especially iron and tin soldering furnace must be grounded.
  (2) The operator must wear a grounded antistatic wrist strap, ESD anti-static shoes and clothes.
  (3) anti-static wrist strap must be tested every day, failed to be replaced.
  (4) If the LED has been static damage, it will show some undesirable characteristics: leakage current increases, the static forward voltage drop or rise in the low-current testing does not shine or glow is not normal.
  Four. LED welding conditions:
  (1) soldering iron: iron (up to 30W) tip temperature does not exceed 300 ℃; soldering time less than 3 seconds; soldering time less than 3 seconds; welding position of at least 3 mm from the gel.
  (2) Dip soldering: dip soldering maximum temperature 260 ℃; dip soldering time is not more than 5 seconds; dip soldering position of at least 2 mm from the gel.


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