So Audio Video Receivers, Switched to Sherwood 7106G from Denon 1404

As you may I know I have a 5.1 HT DIY system, and it's quite fun to use, however I have been using Denon AVR 1404 for a while know, it has served me well, I also have a Sherwood AVR which is used in the TV Lounge. When I got Sherwood I decided to stick with Denon since it was working but for few days I have been having an issue with the Center channel.

It seems to cut off from time to time which I really hate. Finally I gave up and decided to switch the AVR. Before doing that, I downloaded Sherwood Manual, I know Sherwood was infact bigger and more expensive but after reading Technical specification I literally wanted to kick my ass.

Denon 1404 has 75W output at 8 Ohms per channel
Sherwood has 110W at 8 Ohms PER CHANNEL.

Now, that my friends is big.

I mean the new E200 has 75W and 110W at 6 Ohms!

And X2000 has 95W at 8 Ohms!

THD is 0.07%

So, yes my friends TECH wise it's a monster, weight wise it's a fucking monster. I will of course add pictures but ha, I have to admit it's a failure on my part for not switching the AVR's earlier.

Can't weight to max out the volume in the morning :D :D :D
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