Seagate ST3000DM001-1CH166 vs ST4000DM000-1F2168 Which one to buy?

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I have two 3TB drives from Seagate, one of them has been problematic and did die on me but I got it running up again, now it's health dropped from an OKAY 97% to 85% and I like others shat bricks. The first I did was call my computer center and get a replacement. The replacement I got is the 4TB which currently is getting flooded with data.

Now the key difference is the speed, 3TB drive runs at 7200rpm where as 4T Drive runs at 5900rpm. That reduces the speed and also reduces the heat as well.

Which for me is a great. I heard about the 4TB drives from Backblaze, they have 2 Year Warranty, the 3TB has one I think and mine ran out. It cost me 187+ USD which is big but still less considering for the same price I get WD 2TB Black, which I own two as well. I mainly got this to store all my entertainment content.

If you have to buy one, get the WD one, I have no issues with them so far, they're expensive but if you value your data, go with that and later on buy a Seagate to mirror your drive for backups. I am surprised how poor this drive has worked, I mean,

This is shit, come on Seagate wtf, but from time to time, you do get a good drive so that helps.

Now, I am busy moving the data and it's going to take some time.

I will keep you guys posted if something comes up but do avoid buying cheap as drives.

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