Apple's WAVE feature now a success, Sony Launching THERMAL in coming days

Apple's IOS8 comes with an innovative feature which has wide ranging applications. Unfortunately the WAVE feature was removed from the final product.
However, we at Totseans have finally worked out how to get the WAVE feature working. But what is WAVE, it's a wireless charging technology which lets your phone charge on the go using induction method. In case of iPhone 6 the internal antenna is used to harness the charge and transfer it to the batteries using special circuits.

This feature isn't enabled on old phones, so, don't even try it. Plus it only works on iPhone 6/Plus.

How the WAVE actually works. The WAVE feature is auto activated but you will need to Jailbreak your phone and install a patching mod, there is a rumor the feature will be enabled in the upcoming releases. But basically you put your phone on top of appliances. Like wait for it, Microwave, but don't put it in. Simply run the Microwave and place your phone on top of it, close to the vents.

You can do this with Stabilizers, UPS and even power meters. The charge is quite low at first but after 5-10 minute mark, it really kicks in. Your phone will become hot so this is expected. But it's a lot cheaper than plugging your phone into the wall socket all the time. In fact the feature is so great, I am tempted to get an iPhone as well.

Sony has been on a roll here, with Xperia line of phones it's slowly getting its product on the map. Quite frankly Sony phones are amazing, especially the Camera. But if you're a future Xperia user than in 6 months you will get Sony Xperia Z4 with THERMAL technology. It works just like Apple's WAVE but it has another feature, it charges its batteries using HEAT. Yes, the more your phone gets hot, the faster it charges. You can leave the phone next to the oven, stove or a fire and it will charge. However, don't throw it in the flames mind you.

It's all hush hush for now but I am sure you will get the complete details soon enough. Pretty soon you won't need wires to charge phone at all!

Post your thoughts and if you tried this, please share your experiences.

**Disclaimer: This information is provided as if, please check the manufacturer guidelines before trying anything**

EDIT: Just got an e-mail from a Dev, he says the feature does auto activate and you don't need to jailbreak your phone, just follow the instruction, if it doesn't work, then it's been patched up.


  • We just received more good news from the Apple's team, check out the BEND feature on iPhone 6.


    I talked to Developer Denan Arasad, according to him the feature is easy to use but there are limitations. You will need to apply just the right amount of force to bend the phone, unfortunately we couldn't set the safety on the BEND feature, so if you bend it hard lets say 25-45 degree, chances are it may get damaged.

    Also there are certain locations you cannot bend, the lower charging ports and the upper camera zone must not be bend at all cost. Plus the bend is subtle, you apply a small amount of force and then keep applying it until you hear a snap. That snap lets you know the lock has been placed.

    If the Phone snaps more than once, then there is a serious issue and you must take it to the repair center. It's advised to use the BEND feature while the phone is hot, this allows the special polymers to adjust. Also the BEND feature resets after couple of days. To keep it fixed, warm the phone using the WAVE technology, apply pressure and slowly bend it, wait for 1 snap and then make sure you keep the phone in the same exact spot.

    Leave it and after few hours it will stick to that pose. To revert back, heat it again using WAVE and then try using the BEND tool.

    There is an app which will help you BEND your phone, it should be launched soon.

  • Gee, I wish my android can do that
  • Gee, I wish my android can do that

    Sony Z4 would have THERMAL btw.

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    If you ever notice how iphone people carry their phones (usually in the back pocket) you'll know why this happens.

    Before now the iPhone was so small, the force required to bend it was much higher. They've gone bigger now, the bending moment force required to bend it has decreased.

    Look at the place it bends, it can only happen like that if people put it in their back pockets and sit down. Probably fat people.
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