Create a 3D Model of your DICK using your Smart Phone, thanks to 123Dick Catch by Autodesk

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This is it guys, the one time when you can take a real model of your dick and place it in your fancy 3D model, using Autodesk Dick Catch, you can make realistic 3D models. The App is free, takes around 20 images and the end product can be exported to PC, it's brilliant if you ask me.

Okay short review:

I am using Sony Xperia Z2.

I downloaded the Andriod App from here:

The app installs without any issues. You run it and gives you a short tutorial.

The tutorial talks about having a good object, such as non reflective, something with good contrast and something that doesn't move while you're shooting.

The next part is about taking your first capture, the screen is simple, they again give you a new tutorial.

This time it's about taking pictures, what sort of lighting you should have, how the object should be still, there shouldn't be any dark shadows and the framing shot be tight so other objects don't jump in.

Then you start taking pictures, in my test I just put a Tea Bag box and went with the clicking. They're some eye level shots, where you just rotate around the target, and then you lift the camera high enough and get a good top side angle.

The main idea is to get enough coverage to get everything.

Next, it will ask you to review images, delete anything that is blurry or out of focus. The select images can no be processed.


You have two options,

A) Link you Facebook

B) Use your Autodesk Student Account.

I used the student account.

After this it will start transmitting photos to server where it would be processed. Mine is still uploading but it's NOT a good idea to use it for dick pics. Since it would be hard to get the pictures anyway. And you will need someone else to hold the smart phone while your dick remains still.

I just installed it.
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