Windows 7 to Windows 8.1

Well, yesterday I decided to cut my losses and finally give in. So, here I am using Windows 8.1 Pro, it's on my Laptop and on my Desktop. Surprisingly after the initial learning curve it's not that hard. I mean it took me 10 minutes to know what goes where and it's all good now. I installed the Classic Start Menu cause with a high performance system, it was idiotic to go back and forth.

Also, I don't mind the APPS concept, I got used to it thanks to Xperia Z2. I think I was mostly okay with the upgrade due to using Touch Screen for months and using a flagship device to experience Android.

In terms of Laptop, it fixed some major issues for me, like the damn Hot Button issue and other minor issue. Especially with the Power Management fucking up and yes the damn screen. So, super happy about it.

On Desktop not so much but I haven't really flexed my fingers yet. All in all, if you're holding on to Windows 7 and you use Touch Screen, you should upgrade to Windows 8.1, if you're not, you should.

It will make the jump to Windows 10 a lot easier.


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