Now I am officially using Nvidia GTX 970, it cost an arm & an asshole

Retail price is: 360 USD

The price I had to pay is 600 USD

Why? Because fucking Pakistani fucking importers are shit.

But I did trade my 760 for this one, so the total difference is 420 USD. Which is insanely high. But it's sort of worth it. I use three screens and 4GB Vram is much needed headroom. But still next upgrades, I am going to just get them from online or get them myself when I go out. Fuck this shit.



  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
    nice. Do they import it from India?
  • Nah, from Dubai or partner it. Really hate paying extra money. Next time, I will just fucking go to Dubai and buy shit.

    That's the website.

    It says 59000

    My conversion rate is 95

    So the end amount is 621 USD.

    THAT"S THE FUCKING PRICE OF A FUCKING 980! Jesus fucking fuck raptor Christ.

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