The Next Level In Privacy Protected Chat

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BitTorrent started an internet revolution by allowing users to share their hard drive content across continents and countries just like you would do using a pen drive. It was completely private and saved you from any licensing and other issues because you ultimately shared stuff that you legally own and there is nothing wrong with it. Once again, it has come out with a solution to unprotected, leaky, unencrypted messaging services to its latest offering called Bleep. It was originally released with a alpha tag in last July and finally after many revisions it has been released for the public. It is available for the most dreadful operating systems that have no or least control on privacy issues.

It is available for Android, iOS, Windows for mobile systems and as well as for the desktop. The user controls for its different features will differ across the platforms, however, but essentially will be a fully featured application for all of them. Some of the most notable features include the complete elimination of the "cloud". The innovative industry brought out its own issues allowing hackers to target cloud-basedcontent, but with Bleep, the encryption credentials stay back at your local device and therefore, there is no way that a hacker can wiretap your conversations and personal messages. There is even another step to privacy protection called Whisper that allows one to share something without being known.

It blocks out the nickname and text are always blocked out so that it is not clear who said what. The best thing is that these messages including the text and images gets deleted after 25 seconds of viewing it, automatically, leaving no trace behind. It also protects your chats from the basic screenshot capture tool. The next thing is that you do not need any personal information to get started with and your credentials are just a nickname. You can additionally verify your phone number and email address so that your friends can identify you. However, you can always share your nickname for that purpose. It seems this is going to be a total game changer.

Download Bleep for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android here.



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