Want to own any unlocked computer in just a few seconds?

You can now own a unlocked computer in seconds with a $20 teensy or a couple of doller arduino micro and a bit of time with a badusb type firmware.
What is bad usb?
BadUSB is a dangerous USB security flaw that allows attackers to turn a simple USB device into a keyboard, which can then be used to type malicious commands into the victim's computer at super speeds.

There has been a script written called usb driveby

I often wear a microcontroller around my neck, and have a few for a various fun tasks. One that's more interesting is this, USBdriveby, which emulates a keyboard and mouse when plugged into a machine, exploiting the blind trust machines give USB devices.

Specifically, when you normally plug in a mouse or keyboard into a machine, no authorization is required to begin using them. The devices can simply begin typing and clicking. We exploit this fact by sending arbitrary keystrokes meant to launch specific applications (via Spotlight/Alfred/Quicksilver), permanently evade a local firewall (Little Snitch), install a reverse shell in crontab, and even modify DNS settings without any additional permissions.

While this example is on OS X, it is easily extendable to Windows and *nix.

We even evade OS X's security - while they attempt to prevent network changes being done by just a "keyboard", and even prevent most applications from changing position (special authorized accessibility features must be enabled which we don't have authorization for), we evade both of these with some unprotected applescript and carefully planned mouse movements. While a device like Rubber Ducky is similar, it's unable to mount the same attacks as it lacks HID Mouse emulation.

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A few people have asked so.
The meaning behind the word enso:

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