Using proxy servers for staying safe and ahead? Please help get past thru the censorship!!!

I know its posibble to use whats called "elitist", "transperent", and anonymous proxy servers on sites like and many other 'free proxy sites.

How does one make sense of the port number and the ip provided and utilize it to make their device have the ability to surf the web with a server located in a different mocked location with no or very little censorship to information and content.

Using windows 10 using Edge or internet explorer 11 have separate settings themes, but what is to bbe placed in the boxes for manual settings with scripts preconfigured, or the advanced options letting you enter different ips for different protocols.

Im trying to access the unrestricted uncensored web that contains info and material one would never know how imprisoned their ideas and beliefs are due to their provided info by their ISP.

How do ports and numbers mask an identity to tracel freely thru thendeep web?


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