SnB cold PACs what brand should I get off the net??

Look I live in Australia n can't get cold PACs with (an) what brand should I order of the net or eBay! Please let me know!! Thanks!!!


  • got the same prob brother and cant get shultz 21-0-0 fertilizer live in canada "ammonia sulfate"what to do what to do anyone can help
  • It should be called sulphate of ammonia
    Printf (" noob soldering I politely say "you are using the wrong type of solder you need electrical solder " noob stares at me ");
    echo ' noob then snaps "I'm a pro I know what I'm doing" .br/> ';
    I know the . is not meant to be there
    Pringln (" I wait till he finishes his board and goes to test it and it doesn't work... Maybe next time he will take advice or at least check his solder wasn't acid ");

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