went carhopping need tricks an tips for the second time (going by myself)

went carhopping a few weeks ago with my ex bf and his friend (my current bf)
i found it really fun my first time going i got 2 cars that were unlocked and we found a lighter and a flash light in one an in the other we found a TV!! my first time i was pretty excited
i want to go again but just down my street but i don't wanna go alone without any tips or tricks to how to do it without getting caught? any suggestions?


  • Yea. I made a career out of it and the only time I've ever been caught was when I was with somebody. Quick ..here's the"get down"
    1.Dark baggy clothes. 2.Huge hoodie sweatshirt.
    3.Wear a backpack backwards underneath the sweater.. you need to be able to reach under the waist or down the collar to put things in the backpack. A wrestling a backpack off of your back inside of an enclosed Vehicles just asking for an elbow to honk the horn.. you also want to keep your stuff close to youre body. so less chance of losing it.
    4. Tools. Keep these in the small pouch of the backpack.. you will need some Jiggler keys and some Ninja rocks. Look up on YouTube or Google if unclear.
    5. Testicular fortitude. You also need a hammer to break your give a f***

    My best way of not getting caught as I keep it moving I drove through malls and Shopping Center parking lots watching people go in. That's the person I get. Is they going to the store I get the car and pull out my testicular fortitude and pretend that it's mine and I start 't try my keys. I always go after models of vehicles that I have no trouble getting into such as late 80s and early 90s Hondas Toyotas and Acuras. Any longer than 20 seconds just walk away from it ..turn around give it one more look.. it hold youre keys up like you're pressing an alarm key fob ...cuss... turn around and walk away go 3 lanes over and start checking door handles if you had NO audience to your prior show.
    This is the day job. this is done during business hours.
    At night time you get your neighborhoods and your driveways and you check your cars . Some people leave them unlocked. I always look for Blinky lights When approaching the vehicle and look for alarm stickers that are on the vehicle's windows.. most of the time if the vehicle is unlock the lights are just flashing it's a fake alarm.
    I could write a book about this but I'm not going to.
    Just remember the car is full of treasures it's not that hard to get it started and you can park it 2 blocks away and they'll won't find it that fast.
    I do not carry a gun you don't want to get a life sentence for something that would be just a little quick ass whooping or whatnot...

    HUH? Yeah you will get caught up on some times but that's life... in fact I bet after about four or five good ass Whoopins you get for breaking into people s*** you're going to stop stealing like I did, then you're going to grow up and get a job.
    Yeah rite..youre too dumb..

    By the way what kind of moron asks on a blog post how to do an illegal activity??
    But then again what kind of moron writes how to do it...
    Just kill yourself
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