Zoklet GONE for good?

I bet im late I know....but DAMN........ok! who complained now? CNN? Lol


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    I'd say it was becoming to much for Zok, with the in house bickering plus the counterfeiting fed thing would have really given him a wake up call. Like fuck! Who'd want a bunch of pushy assed, domineering mormon looking dudes trying to fuck ya shit up.
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    I think in this day and age something like Zoklet is way too much hassle, especially with how the feds view questionable content or anything that could be remotely related to terrorism or crime.
  • Yep, too much hassle and you don't really get much out of it.
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    I bet im late I know....but DAMN........ok! who complained now? CNN? Lol

    Late is a bit of an understatement lol zok closed the doors over there back in 2014.

    I think everything started getting on top of him.
    (He did state that he got visited by government figures in suits and got questioned a few times aswel as some other personal problems.)

    You may remember me from around there... "I was round there heaps with this name"
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