A new take on the shake and bake

This is for those who have already successfully dreamed of an snb and have atleast a terrible grip (but not unspeakable) on chemistry, but can learn a little...ok, I wouldn't be inclined on calling this the shake and bake, more like the pour and stir. It's the same exact ingredients as snb, just more efficient , cheaper to run, buy, but some of it is riskier, but you're less likely to get caught and there's no risk of explosion. Ok, let's get a recap so I can bring you into my new game. The whole bit with snb is to first generate ammonia gas and that's done by mixing an ammoniacal salt and lye or potash lye. This gas then builds up enough pressure to begins ting as the liquid form would on lithium or sodium metal as the liquid form of ammonia, dissolves it and creates the ammonia/lithium metal complex, solvating the only electron lithium had to give (two more in lower shell are not in this script), making a copper color. Well guys, it's supposed to make a whole other color if the process is done in maximum efficiency. I will offer you now this not so complicated to do well at least the first time could be, but really easy to learn method. If you have a proper gas tank, you can even create the liquid and store it for later. You will find thru this recipe that the hardest part of this process is getting the ammonia. It is all down hill from there. Let me put it this way: after you have saved up some ammonia, let's say one day you don't have any crystal, feel like a little boost, so u go get a box of 24 red hots, 720 mgs not even three quarters of a gram. If this was a snb u wouldn't do it, waste of all that material, right? Well here, you got your pills powdered (ungakked for you poor people who have to deal with such ridiculous nonsense) drop it in a beaker, pour ten mgs of ammonia, put a tiny tiny sliver of lithium into the beaker, stir, stir... The blue vanishes, but not quite all of it, but enough to know you reduced, and just a tad blue still there to let you know all is done and it takes five fucking minutes. Let the ammonia dry, go have a cig or a beer, the lithium will do its process as described below and you got .75 grams of pure crystal. It weighs more from the hcl... Yes.. It actually does. I once made meth while my wife was taking a shit and I only had that amount of time and I finished before she even got to wiping! I'm dead ass serious, pun intended.. Enjoy, learn, be safe..

Equipment needed:
small glass bottle or test tube that will hold no more than 50 ml
Plastic, flexible hose I got from lowes for five bucks.
Gatorade bottle (or round bottom or erlenmeyer if you can, with runner stoppers w hole)
Gloves, at least nitrile bc latex ain't shit
Any plastic bottle (to be cut in half. This will be our bucket for some acetone and dry ice, or u can use a measuring cup)
A glass beaker or an equivalent glass no bigger than 100mgs, it's gotta be small enough to fit in the mink bucket.
Ha,mmer, maybe
Plastic or glass stir rod, NOT METAL!!!
Gorilla glue (eh, maybe not, this is optional)

Pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, aka sudafed or bronkaid
Ammonium salt (either ammonium nitrate, sulfate, urea, whatever has the ability to produce ammonia gas, OR liquid cleaning ammonia, preferably a very concentrated form.
Hot plate or similar as in stove
Lithium batteries (3 per ounce of pfed) or
Sodium metal (some of you might be bad asses and make your own from the lye using magnesium. Ask me if you're interested or even check YouTube for some great tutorials)
Nonpolar solvent of your choice (mine is naphtha or toluene, toluene is even better, but my access is limited to lacquer thinner, which I have a method on extracting it from, but I don't want to test it on a batch
Dry ice as in frozen co2 or you can use liquid nitrogen or if you have a hard time getting these things you can try. i think wart remover is liquid nitrogen, check ingredients.

Ok, there maybe other things, small things but otherwise this is so goddamn simple you will hopefully wonder why you havent used this method before. First of all, there's no preset amount of pseudoephedrine needed. U can crush up however many you want and change them. I do typically use 50 of the 60 mg walfed with the chlorfeniramine, but sometimes I just want to get high myself so I get me the box of 24 red hots and cook em. FIRST THINGS FIRST: if you are in America you don't have to worry about shit when it comes to gak, at least in every state I've been. Idk about Oregon, you guys might be fucked. Any pill that brags about methamphetamine reduction is doomed unless you follow the turps method found on the hive archive. Bless yalls hearts, I feel your pain. ...
This must be done outside and once your liquid ammonia is created you need to make sure there's nobody around to smell this shit. It's loud, as the kids say these days. This is easy don't worry., just be aware, keep jokers and other such fools out of your life as this is concerned. It's the fool who gets caught and then gets scared by the cops threats of five to ten and they throw your name out like yesterday's banana peel.
You need to first set the hose up and this is really all the work so do it right. Drill a hole into the Gatorade cap just slightly bigger than the hose's diameter. Now take one end of you house and stick it in the hole. Your objective is to get a tight fit so u don't have to even use the gorilla glue. Use it any ways. Just a smidgen, around where the tubing meets the cap. Basically keep it air tight. This takes about an hour to dry. You will know it's dry when it foams white. The Gatorade bottle is where your lye and ammonia salt go. You need about three time as much salt as the liquid you will need. You will NOT need more than 30 ml of ammonia if you only use a box of sudafed. This will require about 90 grams of ammonium nitrate. You don't want a super fast reaction because the dry ice won't keep up. Ammonia freezes at -33c, which isn't really much below 0 in Fahrenheit. Dry ice mixed with acetone gets right around -80c, so it's very effective at liquefying ammonia. Take a small plastic container or even a bottle you might have to cut in half, as stated in equipment needed. Fill this container with acetone. Now break up up some chunks of dry ice and start adding them to you acetone and stir. This is basically an ice bucket for the tiny little 100ml or smaller glass beaker or equivalent. Put a bunch in, but keep some in the original container it came from. You just might need some later. Put one end of the tubing into the small glass or stainless steel container (I am using a 30 ml glass bottle that used to hold vape juice) and put the other end attached to the Gatorade bottle onto the bottle after you put a good 90 mgs of ammonia salt and same or a little more in lye. The more lye you use the drier your ammonia will be, drier is better. Close the lid and watch the wonder of chemistry happen before your eyes. Oh yeah, add the drop of water u normally add to Kickstart your bottle, close lid. It takes s little time for the bottle to fill, but I watched the whole time, amazed at it and the fact I never did this. Let me explain something to you shake and bakers. This is the original birch cook. I wouldn't put too much water in the Gatorade bottle because a fast moving runaway reaction will produce ammonia so fast that the ice might not cool it in time. The great thing about using anhydrous is that it only uses very very small amounts of lithium. I'm sure one or two of u caught that 3 battery per ounce line. Yeah, that's absolutely correct. After near an hour your little bottle should have near 30 ml of nh3 or even more. Sometimes I get even more, but I think that's my shitty old scales fault. I strongly recommend getting 100 ml beaker. I got mine at goodwill. Now this is for only up to a three gram coolk bc u need at least 10 ml of nh3 per gram of pfed. Grind your pills, put em in the beaker. Now pour the nh3 onto the powder and stir with rod and place the beaker half into the dry ice. Now take your lithium battery core out of its storage as you should have already taken the metal casing off the battery before even starting. the beaker, safe in the ice, , tear off a piece of metal, small, Keep the beaker halfway into the dry ice/acetone mix while you stir. Notice the royal Blue color. That is the color of the solvated electrons! I'm not talking some stupid shit here, this is real chemistry here! Now what you will see and want to see is that as u stir the blue fades right back to clear with the white pill powder whirling around. Repeat the lithium step from before. Stir. Repeat this process ONLY if when you place the beaker back in the ice and stir the dark blue color, nearly black, fades away back to white. It's fading back to white because it's reducing. If it's all reduced, the blue color will remain so If you put a piece in there and it stays blue, add no more, take the beaker out of the ice, keep stirring if u like. Notice as the ammonia evaporates, the lithium metal comes back from the TRUE li(nh3)4 form. It goes from blue to copper, to metal, then it breaks down and turns to a white powder. Add water to 20 ml, stir, and now, you add your favorite nonpolar. I prefer toluene or hexane , but naphtha is easy to find and works like a champ. Stir the shit out of these two fluids. Now siphon off the organic layer, aka the (eg )naphtha layer, leaving the water alone for now. That will all go to disposal. Now u take some hcl and sulfuric acid and if u drip drops of hcl into the h2so4 hcl gas will liberate.. Look whatever method u used before to gas or otherwise salt out ur product, that's what u do. Collect the product as before and enjoy. I forgot, if u have a problem w nh3 taste, when the beaker is done w reduction, as in the metal has gone white, add water, siphon off organic layer, pour into another bottle with water in it, shake and siphon the organic layer once separated. That's the water shake to remove the ammonia. The whole process the first time took 2 hours. The whole process the second time took 45 minutes. Product was much cleaner and I didn't have to use the permanganate wash not one time. Real fucking chemistry. That's WURFGURFS SHIT, NOT "Enso"s copyright infringement ass. Enjoy!


  • Oh yeah I forgot, you know how much lithium I used so far? After three dream cooks I STILL have about 2/3 of the first battery's lithium left.
  • I just wanted to let you guys know that al though it takes at least ten milliliters per gram any thing less of the pse to the nh3 is just fine. It's the limit on the ammonia that matters.
  • Nice man ,think I might have to come out of retirement and try it out
  • Near the beginning of my disclaimer paragraph I said that this is less risky and then said "some of it is riskier". I meant to explain but forgot. What I was referring to was the anhydrous that you are producing. It is a damn strong liquid not to be fucked with! Don't spill it on u obviously don't sniff the bottle. This shit will burn your skin, your eyes your lungs bc ammonia LOVES water and what's the juiciest parts of your face you can think of off the bat? That's right! And it is fucking painful if the vapors hit you. Just do this outside or in a lab with a fume hood. Actual reduction takes very little time, and it depends on how much pfed u want to reduce. Also you don't have to go thru the pain of extracting the pseudoephedrine from the pills bc the alkaline nature of both nh3 and lithium pull the amine out of the pile of crushed pill powder. I love the chemistry here! Let me explain, even if poorly, why.
    When you drop tiny bits of lithium into the anhydrous ammonia you'll notice the deep blue ink like appearance of the lithium dissolving, solvating the electron of the outer shell of the lithium. The electron emits the color so all that blue ink is electrons! In a sense, it's liquid electricity! Eh, that's probably inaccurate but it IS JUST free-floating electrons, out there looking for a proton to latch on to.. Electrons remind me of women. Only the women could be like lightning. Anyways... So the pfed is floating around too ,with the oxygen atom in the "oh" (hydroxyl) part of the pfed molecule holding a reservation for just that: one electron. Since the attraction between the blue, free-floating electrons and oxygen that's part of the tiny little group of atoms in pfed is much stronger than its current assignment as a pfed band member (being a dork, sorry) the oxygen jumps ship and joins an electron, the charge being balanced by that connection. This leaves the once effective decongestant known as pseudoephedrine (c10h15no) wo the oxygen. So now they call their new band methamphetamine (c10h15n) and they picked up the pace and have a lot of fans. So as the pfed gets reduced, the electrons latch to the oxygen, the blue color starts to fade. When the color goes all the way back to clear, add small increments of lithium at a time. You want it all reduced, but at the end, when all is reduced, this becomes apparent as the blue color just sits there. This is why you add little bits of lithium at a time. It WILL "overcook" the pfed in a way that completely inactivates the meth molecule and in fact makes it a pretty decent carcinogen (decent as in strong, it was sort of a joke using such a word to describe the potency of a potentially fatal compound. If this offended you in any way I wholeheartedly apologize and want to say I'm focused on keeping the carcinogen level down). Ripping off big strips of the lithium and throwing into the nh3 is absolutely not happening, got it? Once you satisfied all the electrons and proved it by leaving a small amount of royal blue in solution the cooking is DONE. Now it's on to extraction... Oh shit, nearly forgot, r134a is NOT cold enough to liquefy ammonia. Sorry.. Propane is, but I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST USE). As I said earlier the extraction is so easy. Just keep stirring and follow the extraction details as above. You can do some base cleaning, u know, the water and no/base thing where u shake it, let it settle, drain the water. Do it again.. Them pull the np gas and wash with acetone. Enjoy
  • hey my old friend from totse2, neuro is back
  • Actually, although the ten ml to the gram ratio is a good standby, apparently you can do a .72 gram cook w 4 ml! Lol I was a bit concerned that I'd over cook bc at such tiny increments a mm squared of lithium w do the trick. So here's what I found out: if you don't have enough anhydrous ammonia to meet ten ml pre gram, you can compensate by using a bit more lithium. I'm sure there's a uniform algorithm that'd calculate how much to how much, but I only got a c in calculus and I had such a hard time with statistics.. Ironic since I became one. Haha, but sad as well. But I digress. 24 pills, red hots, 4 ml, annie to a pinky nails worth of lithium and I shit you not a minute, and I didn't actually time it so it could've been less but maybe was more. The point is it was very fast.
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