Safe snb rxn vessels BESIDES SS and a peculiarity I have yet to understand

Hi all, so back in the old days of totse2 (as I wasn't on the original totse) some pretty smart guy had started a conversation titled "safe vessel for shake and bake?" Which every so often lit up with some decent ideas. I remember the magic number to hit if you live at sea level was 100 psi, although I also remember finding a graph that showed temperatures going from -33c being zero psi and freezing temp (water freezing) was only 25 psi and I remember thinking that that couldn't be too damn hard. That's the difference between concept and reality. I didn't understand that the reaction between the salts at the bottom of the bottle (or rxn vessel) got so damn hot or that they needed to get at least warm to be fast enough to be of any consideration. Through my short little run on &t2 I thought I learned pretty much all there was on the subject, especially when I found the dea purification w kmno4. Looking back it's actually so pathetic to think you've ever got it all figured out that it's almost cute. I remember swearing by ronsonol. I remember everybody "getting ether from starter fluid by washing it with water". Here's a fun fact that I'm surprised if I haven't said already: ether is just a little bit polar, at least 7% of the ether dissolves into the water, leaving you with a better solvent, yes, but higher in content in heptane (heptane's affinity for water is extremely low). Ronsinol is (it's spelled ronsonol, but I didn't remember that when I first got this account and so my computer spellchecks me to the incorrect ronsinol ), for the most part, a pretty clean naphtha. It's denser than toluene, and benzene as well. Well, it seems ronsonol isn't so clean, as a stored couple of lithium strips went from the dull metallic gray of the freshly cut battery to a funky brownishblack sludge like toad like couple of lumps that made the character in my stories frown. Also, urine test came back as positive for adderall using the substitute bottle for SodaStream from rite aid, bottle was called blue water bottle held 22 fluid ounces. The cap is nearly exactly the same as SS, just metallic looking. Plastic of the bottle has to be the same material and thickness or very very close to it. But adderall from pseudoephedrine?! Hmmmm


  • The urine test wasn't discriminating between amphetamines and meth. That's all.
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    selam dostum bu konuda iyi görünüyorsun seni enso ile birlikte uzun zamandir takıp ediyorum özellikle ensoyla olan diyologlarindan ve tabi vermiş oldugun bilgilerden henüz yeni kayıt oldum bende bir iki ğün oldu, buradan ve başka kaynaklardan bende kendi hikeyemi yazmak için biligi ve birikim topluyorum 6 aydir henüz cok yeni bir arıyım bende ,belirli bir aşamaya kadar geldim metilli elde ettikten sonrra cam boruda sigara içmek için onu kristal buz formuna cevirirken sorunlar yaşiyorum sanirim buda benim kullandiğim alkol yüzünden ve hala biraz daha acemi olmam nedeniyle olabilir bu yüzden senin bilgi birikim ve fikirlerin benim için bu konuda oldukça kayda değer önemli ve değerli olacaktir bana bu konuda bir acıklama yapmak istermisin ne dersin teşekkurler
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