Snb stuff, lye substitutes and ammonium desperation response

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So, hello, just learned a lil bit ago that u don't need lye after all, but an alkali salt w an alkaline ph or an alkali earth metal hydroxide, quicklime (drop lime in water, Ta da! If u have ammonium nitrate or sulfate or even chloride, u can use baking soda na2hco3 or the carbonate for less drama, na2co3. I'm not sure on measurements, but at this point some tests are in order. Baking soda is cheap as hell so who cares if u burn up a box of that with some ammonium sulfate fertilizeer. The catch? Well... It DOES need heat, water helps but like lye it's unnecessary. The problem w heat in the snb is though heat raises pressure and since u are heating it u are not raising the amount of ammonia per liter, it's just requiring more space per ounce of gas. Hotter gases are less dense so a liter of 100c ammonia gas is one tenth at most the amount of ammonia at 0c. So when u heat it, yeah your pressure is going way the fuck up, but it's got less worth or value than a colder gas. I'd use lime or quicklime (if these names aren't on a bag but u are directed to this item by a clerk at some dreams tore, check for the chemical formula ca(oh)2. ) if I couldn't get lye. This can also be converted to lye if washing soda or baking soda that had been baked on a cookie sheet in an oven over 100c to remove the hydrogen and any water trapped in a hydrate form is heated in solution (aqueous ) with the hydroxide. The ph goes up and so it becomes more reactive. This carbonate of soda, if mixed with equal molar portion of calcium hydroxide (quicklime) a swap takes at least in part, and what's convenient of the calcium salts is they don't dissolve for shit in water, so all your lye will be in solution and the calcium carbonate (limestone) can be filtered off. The best part? You can place this carbonate of calcium in an oven to at least red heat, where it decarboxylates and becomes lime cao. The hydroxide is formed on contact w water, it goes by the name "quicklime" and this is what I meant be used in conjunction w baking soda or washing soda or even wood ash (potash gets its name from "pot" and "ash", and mainly consists of potassium, where the element gets its name). However, and most important, the conversion is unnecessary! U can use quicklime in place of lye with barely a change in reaction. A perceptible slowing is notable, but amount of ammonia will be the same. If u can't get baking soda, washing soda or quicklime or even lime but u have concrete powder this can be used. If u have no access to any of this then collect some wood ash. This is kco3 and will react w ammonium salts at a raised temp. Urea can be extracted from urine, but it's just nasty even in concept. However about 85% of your piss is a viable ammonium salt. Urea is effective in place of the nitrate, just takes more and may require heating. Questions? One of the antacids uses magnesium hydroxide. Is that milk of magnesia? Anyways, this is an effective replacement for lye or lime as it is an alkaline earth as well.


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