Best Current Totse Clone:

Post on Lanny’s site

Yes that’s a real URL lol.

It’s where the remaining totse member are. We need the old totse spirit back, Lanny’s site is the closest approximation out there right now, but it’s not a highly visible web space so it takes a while for people to find. Spread the word.

We got a bunch of the old members there but need more. To be honest, DFG’s personal blog sucks. Nothing like the original totse. Come to Alternatively, can also be found at which redirects to the main site


  • CloudcatCloudcat Regular
    This site has been around for years but not everyone knows about it. I had to accidentally fins it on a random google search a year or two ago. This isn’t some shitty totse clone like Totse2 or RDFRN. It’s legit.
  • REBxVoDKaREBxVoDKa Semo-Regulars
    I migrated from Zoklet, so I'm not a Totsean, but yeah, whatever's left of the userbase decided to migrate to NIS. Special thanks to Lanny for dealing with us sh-theads.
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