Where's the wierdest place you masterbated?

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Well, it was my junior year in high school and right after school my mum decided to take me to Shopping Center. Right before my mum picked me up, I remember there was this very hot petite small Latina chick in my English class. She was in my thoughts for the entire day. Her image was embedded in my head. She dressed in a sexy tight fur jacket accompanied by tight jeans that exposed how curved her ass was. The dye for her hair matched her whole attire. Her color scheme was black and gold, and damn it was sexy. Her voice is adorable and she had the sexiest eyes to match her cute face. Throughout the whole ride, I kept thinking about pounding her tight curved small ass/pussy and kissing her passionately. I had a huge raging boner. By the time my mom and I arrived in the parking lot, I told her to go on without me. So, she went inside without me. As soon as I waited my mom to enter the mall, I quickly reach in my pocket and started to play pocket pool. I fucking fapped extremely hard for the next 3-5 minutes. I busted a nut in my boxer briefs and my goodness it felt great, for the moment. The aftermath was unpleasant, I bruised my dick and had to endure 30 minutes with sticky boxer briefs. I pretended like nothing happened and held in my pain until I got home. My mom knew I was acting weird, but she disregarded it. That cute-sexy Latina chick had no clue I fapped furiously to her. The next day, I saw her at school and smiled at her. It was kind of weird, but shit I would never forget this experience. :o:o


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