Blindness - By José Saramago.

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Has anybody here read this book? It's a quite famous and well known novel I think. They even made a movie based on it. It probably sucks though lol.

What are your thoughts on it?

I've read about 1/4 of it so far and think it's quite good. So far it has really shown how lacking in compassion the government is for those suffering from the epidemic in quarantine; almost as if they want them to die, lower the chances of the contagion spreading. All they're caring about is not allowing this mysterious condition reach larger groups of the population. Quarantining them is all well and good, protecting the wider population etc etc, however this novel really gives a glimpse at those who have to experience this segregation from society, as it slowly crumbles. The epidemic being an unexplainable blindness makes it even more of a shock on the peoples.

But I guess no one who hasn't read the book will know what I'm talking about.

Blindness is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone in an unnamed city, and the social breakdown that swiftly follows. The novel follows the misfortunes of a handful of characters who are among the first to be stricken and centers around a doctor and his wife, several of the doctor’s patients, and assorted others, thrown together by chance. This group bands together in a family-like unit to survive by their wits and by the unexplained good fortune that the doctor’s wife has escaped the blindness. The sudden onset and unexplained origin and nature of the blindness cause widespread panic, and the social order rapidly unravels as the government attempts to contain the apparent contagion and keep order via increasingly repressive and inept measures.
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