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....Loveeeeeee it.
What do you guys do to it?
I throw it in with some tumeric and this weird won ton soup mix. Then cook up some onions, green peppers, and venison nibblets and mix it all together then drench it in hot sauce.

Me frickin' Gusta


  • da teachada teacha Regular
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    We used to eat that shit back in the Legion :mad:

    Well, it weren't so bad, but it was one of the worst things on the menu.

    I used to get loads of mayonaise and mustard and just mix it all in together to try and give it some fucking taste.
  • KowKow Acolyte
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    I've noticed a lot of people try to cook it with just water. I recommend cooking it with broth instead. Don't forget to fluff it with a fork before serving so it gets all nice and fluffy. I like eating it with lemon chicken.
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