Shit's Crazy!

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I'm walking to my friends place across the apartment complex because he "has a surprise for me" and I see a girl I know. I've been friends with her as well for a few months since I first met her. She asks me if I want to roll with her. I say I don't do that stuff anymore, but she should stay with me instead of rolling by herself. We're talking on the way to my friends place and she tells me she just parachuted 2 tabs and she's starting to feel it coming on. I tell her that's my favorite part because of the anticipation (with a little sexual innuendo esque tone and finger down the spine lol). She laughs and agrees.

We arrive at my friends place and he tells me that he scored some shrooms! He gives me 3g's for free! I have such good friends! I eat mine before he has a chance to tell me he has to wait until tonight (kind of a bummer, but it turned out alright). He never knew my other friend was rolling because we left shortly after we got there because he had to take a shower before going to work (he just wanted to show me the shrooms that I ate too early like a dumbass).

Girl and I go back to her place to listen to some music. The shrooms kick in a little while later and I can't stop laughing and clenching my muscles. She thinks the shit is hilarious and starts poking and pinching me... one thing led to another and two people who are completely fucked up end up having dirty raunchy sex right on the floor in front of the open window. I'm tripping my sac off and she's rolling out of her mind and we're both sweaty, sticky, and dirty. This went on for at least an hour before we realized the window was open.

We get up and put some clothes back on. She talks me into taking a tab with her. We walk to my spot and proceed to fuck in every room just for shit's and gigs (even the closets). We work our way into my bathroom and take a shower. We stop after we get out, still rolling mind you. My dick and balls are sore as hell and her pussy is looking all raw and abused (as well it should haha).

I put a movie on and we just talked and chilled out for a little bit then I cooked us dinner. I walked her back to her place. I got back to mine and sat down and went through it all over again...

She called me the next day and told me she could barely walk and that we need to do it again. I tell her "yeah, maybe" and she get's mad and calls me names and says that I just used her. I'm not blind to that fact, but it certainly wasn't my intention for her or that day.

She's a real cool girl and all, it's just that I can't take my mind off of this other girl. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm never like this, I keep all my options open, but I'm willing to quit all that for just a chance with this one girl. I don't want her to find out about any of this so that's why I've been being like this with other girls lately so they leave me alone.

Luckily she doesn't know any of these other girls.


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