Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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It started off so simple..

then the music kicked in and i was like

i hear this beat is it playing for me?
there's tears on the track, my emotions start to bleed
and its all of a sudden, it seems for nothin
slow it down but the world keeps running
it was a typical story though,
see the teachers never told bout the wisdom or scriptures that they wrote
its not religious, just symbolic highly guided by these pros
the type of conversation that was engaging to my soul
i learn you seldom know whats right till you do wrong
but once you do wrong, often times its too late to move on
like the old saying
"you never know what ya got till its gone"
god damn, im so far gone..
her eyes though, so beautiful yet empty and sad
i cant stop thinking about the life we should of had
i loved her, every trait that she had possessed
she loved me back too, and our relationship progressed
until one day she seemed depressed
distressed about some shit, so she confessed
she said babe i gotta talk to you but you know i already guessed
she was seein another, my stomach started to compress
i just had to sit back and address, this situation i was placed in,
i said what the fuck is going on
you tellin me youve been fuckin some dude while i was gone?
she said baby please , please its nothing you see
i stared at her as she walked in the room strangely
i said get the hell out dont get anywhere near me
put two .45's on your head, like its a quarter to three
so now this is what i do..
telling stories about my life, shit i've been through
this world just remains ironic, amazingly i cant think beyond it
how things are led to be so misconstrued
and for what we been through, theres nothing left to delude
so basiclly, who knows what is right to conclude
take a look around, whats the game been turned into?
i hope you figure out whats upon us, even in this rhyme
the world was a happier place, once upon a time
now its harsh, i saw the end, its fucking disaster
i never got to live that happily ever after
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