Home Is Where The Heart Is..

sAINTsAINT Regular
edited July 2010 in Life
drunk with guilt, the hangover of her doubt pains me
and i spit out the lingering bitter taste of last night's ultimatum
Throb; a reminder of her precense
now it's 3 in the morning, and i've been inspired by my lack of inspiration
what am i doing up? listening to my consciousness tell me everything i did wrong, again
she whispered in my ear that which makes you happy is a reflection upon ones true self
i replied, i havnt looked in a mirror in days
luscious lips perched on heart shaped pills looks like home to me!
but this isnt me
abuzz with disapproval reason knocks on my door,
she asks "why do you inhale death, blow numb, inject pain, parachute thrills, and smoke good?"
its the only way left to feel
so you see, i take care of the deception i've found comfort in
and i see you have as well.
you took my life
and made me hesitate
a ghost..once afraid
my life ive grown to hate
flowers still bloom though
yet i cannot find my place
i love you, yet i cannot have you.
so i carry on..hoping you'll come to your senses..
..and come home to me...
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