Luv U 2 Death :)

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I love these people so much
And this world is so fucked up
I dont wanna see you
Suffer no more pain
It's breakin my heart

and all I know is
I love you more than I love myself
So no matter what they say
Know I love you to death

Cause life is hell
So I release you from this prison
on Earth
I really want the best for you

Cause you deserve so much more
And this world is so cold
Just want you to be warm again

I know they question this love
Don't think I got any love for you at all
But if I didn't love you,
Why would I have come here?

So far from my home
To make sure you had no more problems
And when you needed God
Who helped you find him?
Ohh, I love you to death.

That's why I'll always be there for you
And when you can't sleep
I'll read you bedtime stories
And when you feelin short of breath
Open your chest up for you
So you can get some fresh air
To your lungs.

And if you ever feel the weight of the world on your shoulders
It's gone.

And if your hungry
Fill your stomach, till the hunger is gone

Man I got
So much love for you
But they say it's wrong
Cause they dont think I love you at all

But I love you to death
And I don't wanna ever see you aching
No more tears in your eyes
It's too much pain for you here
So I send you to a better life

Cause this world is so ugly
I'm just doing what is right
I'm willing to suffer here for you
That's called sacrifice.

And this love won't let me
Love you any less
An though I've tried
To not love you at all
I can't help but to love you more

An this feeling is so fucking strong
Now I can't hold this back
And actions speak louder than word
So lemme show you
I love you to death.
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