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Since this concerns Art and Design I thought it was best to ask help here.
We need some banners,signatures,logos,ads etc for Totse. The idea is to post them in different forums or include them in videos we upload or generally just to get the word out. This work is a bit difficult but I know if join our heads together we can do it.

We will also need Avatars for different forums. Like I am using a twitter account and if change my display picture to Totse Avatar people will see it. If I change my twitter background to Totse Wallpaper people will notice it.

We will also need a star or something that can identify a trusted trader. I am thinking of giving them a user title which shows Trader or Trusted Trader but a star etc would do. But I think a user title change is better.

I will list the things here:

This is the logo we will use when we want to watermark something or want to publish an article or want to print a pdf file. It should be simple yet attractive. You make as many as you like and we can use all of them if required. When it comes to art variety doesn't hurt.

Just like on Zoklet some banners would be nice, BUT they're not for Totse forum. They will be used on blogs or any place we can fit them. You never know when you get a free banner place on the Internet.

These are targeted Ads. We want to have an ad for each section. From Trading Pit to BI. Each add showcases one section. So, you can post as many ads you like but all of them will be unique.

This is a sub set of Ads. Basically it's the same thing but users can select their favourite section and use it as there signature on different sites.

Probably the most neglected thing when it comes to Adverts. I want some clean and dirty wallpapers with different resolutions. Users can upload them on deviantArt, Live Journal or any site that hosts Wallpapers. Also, these Wallpapers will act as a background picture for many youtube channels and twitter accounts.

I know this is hard work but we have to start it sooner or later. I believe in you guys and together we can do it.

Just post in thread with ideas so whoever is making them can get some inspiration. Take your time people.


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